11. Eurasian Uro-oncology Congress

September 3-5, 2021


Unearthing findings that will enable the course of human history to be rewritten, Göbeklitepe is a center of faith dating to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Age around 9.600 BC, or to about 11.600 years ago. It predates the famous Stonehenge in England by 6.600 years, the Egyptian Pyramids by 7.100 years and the temples on Malta by 6.100 years. Built using gigantic boulders in a period predating any tools, the designs found on these rocks also form an awe-inspiring heritage. Predicted to unearth even more findings that will shatter traditional historical knowledge, it is apparent that Göbeklitepe will continue to shock and surprise humanity as its mysteries continue to be revealed.

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Şanlıurfa is an ancient city that witnessed many turning points in history. Agriculture and the first university were introduced here. Three monotheistic religions flourished in this city, and it was here that “fire did not burn Abraham.” Many multicultural elements coexist in Şanlıurfa, with its hospitable population. Throughout history, many prophets passed through, thus earning the nickname “The Prophets’ City.” However, the alluring story of Şanlıurfa’s experience with faith began long before monotheistic religions came along.


Distinguished Colleagues,

We will hold the 11th Eurasian Urooncology Congress on September 3-5, 2021 in Sanliurfa, where the history has begun.

In our Congress, which will be organised with a multidisciplinary approach that includes Urology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Radio-Diagnostics, Nuclear Medicine and Pathology, we will appear in front of you along with Turkish and international keynoters and participants. Currently, we are preparing for you a program that will include the most current developments as well as hot topics in our agenda.

On one hand, we will enjoy the city of Sanliurfa culturally and historically with all its beauties including Gobeklitepe, historical sites, museums, music as well as its cuisine that peaks up with intercultural interactions throughout the centuries while we will present the stunning technological and scientific developments in field of Benign Prostate Diseases and Urooncology on the other hand.

You are kindly invited to our Congress where we will finally find an opportunity to bring an end to distances and meet face to face since last year.

Kind Regards,

Prof. Dr. Derya Balbay
Congress Co-Chair

Prof. Dr. Erdem Canda
Congress Co-Chair

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Erdem Çubukçu
Scientific Secretary

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Aslan
Scientific Secretary

11th Eurasian Urooncology Congress

Congress Venue

Nevali Hotel, Şanlıurfa

Abide Kavşağı, 63000 Şanlıurfa


Nevali Hotel, which is located in Şanlıurfa’s Haliliye region, has taken its name from the oldest settlements of the region Nevali. The 5 – star Hotel has 209 rooms, 2 restaurants and 4 different meeting rooms which can be reorganized according to the events. Nevali Hotel is within walking distance of the city’s main attractions such as Balıklıgöl, Gümrük Han, Urfa’s Historical Bazaar, Şanlıurfa Museum.