Scientific Program

Friday, 3 September 2021
08:30-09:00 Opening Session  
08:30-09:00 Welcome Speech Dr. M. Derya Balbay
09:00-10:00 Session 1
Chairs: Dr. Ali İhsan Taşçı, Dr. Halil Çiftçi
09:00-09:15 Where are we at in screening with PSA? Dr. Murat Bozlu
09:15-09:30 NIH Lecture: PI-RADS: past, present, future Dr. Barış Türkbey
09:30-09:45 Natural History of biopsy negative PIRADS 4-5 index lesions in mpMRI Dr. Tarık Esen
09:45-10:00 Discussion  
10:00-10:40 Session 2
Chairs: Dr. Eyüp Gümüş, Dr. Ercan Yeni
10:00-10:15 WUOF Lecture: Microultrasound as a competitor for MRI Dr. Laurence Klotz
10:15-10:30 PSMA: The new centerforward in prostate cancer Dr. Yasemin Şanlı
10:30-10:40 Discussion  
10:40-11:40 Session 3
Chairs: Dr. Jean de la Rosette, Dr. Öztuğ Adsan
10:40-10:55 Clinical application of 3D-Cancer map based on MRI-US fusion biopsy Dr. Kazumi Kamoi 
10:55-11:10 IPF Lecture: Transperineal prostate biopsy for MRI-indeterminant indications: what convinced me and what might convince you Dr. John Davis
11:10-11:25 BAUS Lecture:  Transperineal biopsy using grid and freehand using precision point device Dr. Ben Challacombe
11:25-11:40 Discussion  
11:40-11:55 MIRRA BREAK
11:55-12:55 Session 4
Chairs: Dr. İsmet Yavaşcaoğlu, Dr. Murat Dinçer
11:55-12:10 WUOF lecture: Use of biomarkers in selecting patients for active surveillance and focal ablation Dr. Laurence Klotz
12:10-12:25 Prostate cancer: Prognostic and therapeutic tissue markers Dr. Rodolfo Montironi
12:25-12:40 Germline mutations in metastatic prostate cancer: Influence on  treatment selection Dr. Timuçin Çil
12:40-12:55 Discussion  
12:55-13:50 LUNCH
14:35-15:35 Session 5
Chairs: Dr. Ahmet Özet, Dr. Ziya Akbulut
14:35-14:50 Dietary modifications after prostate cancer diagnosis Dr. Adem Deligönül
14:50-15:05 Integrative oncology in prostate cancer Dr. Ömer Küçük
15:05-15:20 New approaches in non-surgical treatment of localized prostate cancer: HIFU, CRYO Dr. Volkan Tuğcu
15:20-15:35 Discussion  
15:35-16:55 Session 6
Chairs: Dr. Mustafa Adlı, Dr. Nurettin Cem Sönmez
15:35-15:50 EAU Lecture: Adjuvant versus early salvage radiotherapy following radical prostatectomy Dr. Derya Tilki
15:50-16:05 Current status of pelvic lymphadenectomy: To do or not to do Dr. Asıf Yıldırım
16:05-16:20 Surgical and Radiation treatment in ‘de novo’ Metastatic Prostate Cancer Dr. Brian Chapin
16:20-16:35 New horizons in prostate cancer radiotherapy  Dr. Hale Çağlar
16:35-16:55 Discussion  
16:55-17:10 MIRRA BREAK
17:10-18:30 Session 7
Chairs: Dr. Atıf Akdaş, Dr. Türkkan Evrensel
17:10-17:25 Lu-177 and Ra-223 in the treatment algorithm: How does it stack up? Dr. Meltem Çağlar
17:25-17:40 Immunotherapy in prostate cancer Dr. Fatih Selçukbiricik
17:40-17:55 Therapeutic shift in hormone sensitive prostate cancer Dr. Ömer Fatih Ölmez
17:55-18:10 Therapeutic options in non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer Dr. Amit Bahl
18:10-18:30 Discussion  
18:30-19:00 Session 8
Başkanı: Dr. Bülent Akduman
18:30-19:00 Case discussions -Prostate  Dr. Laurence Klotz
Dr. Hale Çağlar
Dr. Faysal Dane
Dr. Serkan Güngör
Saturday, 4 September 2021
08:00-09:20 Session 9
Chair:  Dr. Halil Başar, Dr. Nagehan Barışık
08:00-08:15 Whats new in urinary cytology in the evaluation of urothelial cancer  Dr. Güliz Akdas Barkan
08:15-08:30 Urobiome and bladder cancer: a new era for research Dr. Öner Şanlı
08:30-08:45 VI-RADS (Vesical imaging-Reporting and data system)  Dr. Valeria Panebianco
08:45-09:00 Histological variants in urothelial cancer Dr. Berrak Gümüşkaya Öcal
09:00-09:20 Discussion  
09:20-10:40 Session 10
Chairs:  Dr. Altuğ Tuncel, Dr. Erdem Göker
09:20-09:35 SIU Lecture:  TURBT -from good to better to best Dr. Jean de la Rosette
09:35-09:50 Does maximal TURBT improve outcomes prior to cystectomy or neoadjuvant chemotherapy? Dr. Semih Ayan
09:50-10:05 Optimal and emerging treatments for NMIBC Dr. Sam S. Chang
10:05-10:20 Pro/Con:  Role of surgery in regional lymph node metastatic urothelial cancers  Dr. Orhan Koca
10:20-10:40 Discussion  
10:40-10:55 MIRRA BREAK
10:55-11:55 Session 11
Chairs: Dr. Yaşar Özgök, Dr.  Serkan Altınova
10:55-11:10 IRCC Lecture: Robotic cystectomy and urinary diversion Dr. Khurshid Guru
11:10-11:25 IRCC Lecture: Future of surgery 2040 Dr. Khurshid Guru
11:25-11:40 ESUT Lecture: New robotic platforms in urology and the initial uro-oncologic outcomes Dr. Ali Serdar Gözen
11:40-11:55 Discussion  
11:55-12:35 Session 12
Chairs: Dr. Öner Odabaş, Dr. Ali Fuat Atmaca
11:55-12:10 ERUS Lecture: Innovation in robotic training Dr. Alexandre Mottrie
12:10-12:25 Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy in the robotic era Dr. Shin Egawa
12:25-12:35 Discussion  
13:20-14:10 LUNCH
14:10-15:10 Session 13
Chairs:  Dr. Mahmut Gümüş, Dr. Hale Çağlar
14:10-14:25 Shift of immunotherapy in bladder cancer: From metastatic disease to neoadjuvant setting Dr. Enrique Grande
14:25-14:40 Anti-FGFR agents for bladder cancer Dr. Mustafa Karaca
14:40-14:55 Options for patients not eligible for cystectomy  Dr. Yasemin Bölükbaşı
14:55-15:10 Discussion  
15:10-15:50 Session 14
Chairs: Dr. Özgür Özyılkan, Dr. Ramazan Gökhan Atış
15:10-15:25 ESOU lecture: New perspectives in the management of upper tract urothelial carcinoma  Dr. Morgan Roupret
15:25-15:40 Neoadjuvant vs. adjuvant chemotherapy for UTUC Dr. Çağatay Arslan
15:40-15:50 Discussion  
15:50-16:05 MIRRA BREAK
16:05-16:35 Session 15
Chair: Dr. Sakıp Erturhan
16:05-16:35 Case discussion: Optimizing management of high risk NMIBC  Dr. Mehmet Fatih Akbulut
Dr. Serkan Altınova
Dr. Mustafa Kemal Atilla
Dr. Hasan Rıza Aydın
16:35-17:05 Session 16
Chair: Turhan Çaşkurlu
16:35-17:05 Case discussions: Optimizing management of MIBC/Locally Advanced Bladder Cancer  Dr. Rahim Horuz
Dr. Ali Nahit Şendur
Dr. Mustafa Cengiz
Dr. Selçuk Erdem
17:05-18:25 Session 17
Chairs: Dr. Ahmet Yaser Müslümanoğlu, Dr. Şeref Kömürcü
17:05-17:20 Serum MicroRNA as a novel tumor marker for testicular germ cell tumor  Dr. Yılmaz Aslan
17:20-17:35 EAU Lecture: The Current Role of Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection in Testicular Cancer Dr. Pilar Laguna
17:35-17:50 Pro/Con: Minimally invasive RPLND Dr. Mutlu Ateş
17:50-18:05 Whats new in the systemic treatment of testicular cancer Dr. Nuri Karadurmuş
18:05-18:25 Discussion  
Sunday, 5 September 2021
08:00-09:20 Session 18
Chairs:  Dr. Özkan Polat, Dr. Bülent Orhan
08:00-08:15 RCC Familiar Syndromes and When to Screen  Dr. Pilar Laguna
08:15-08:30 Rare hereditary renal cell carcinomas: What the radiologist need to know? Dr. Ashkan Malayeri
08:30-08:45 Radiologic evaluation of sub types in renal masses Dr. Nesrin Gündüz
08:45-09:00 Emerging biomarkers and therapeutic targets for renal cell carcinoma Dr. Mustafa Karaağaç
09:00-09:20 Discussion  
09:20-10:00 Session 19
Chairs:  Dr. Sadık Görür, Dr. Abdurrahman Işıkdoğan
09:20-09:35 Surveillance for renal cell carcinoma: Is there a better way? Dr. Cüneyt Özden
09:35-09:50 Overview of challenges in adjuvant RCC trials Dr. Cemil Bilir
09:50-10:00 Discussion  
10:00-10:30 Session 20
Chair:Dr. Pilar Laguna 
10:00-10:30 Interactive panel discussion: Integrating surgery and systemic therapy for locally advanced and metastatic RCC Dr. Bülent Akduman
Dr. Semih Ayan
Dr. Özcan Yıldız
10:30-11:00 Session 21
Chair: Dr. Öner Şanlı
10:30-11:00 Case discussions -Kidney  Dr. Hasan Bakırtaş
Dr. Selahattin Bedir
Dr. Selçuk Şahin
Dr. Taner Korkmaz
11:00-11:15 MIRRA BREAK
11:15-11:45 Session 22
Chairs: Dr. Emin Özbek, Dr. Ali Arıcan
11:15-11:45 Panel: Introduction to Molecular biology for clinicians
Dr. Dilek Telci
Dr. Ahmet Bilici
11:45-12:25 Session 23
Chairs:  Dr. Mustafa Güneş, Dr. Metin Özkan
11:45-12:00 Basic consepts in immuno-oncology Dr. Ozan Yazıcı
12:00-12:15 Epigenetic regulation of OCT1 in castration resistant prostate cancer cells Dr. Daisuke Obinata
12:15-12:25 Discussion  
12:25-13:15 LUNCH
13:15-14:25 Session 24
Chairs: Dr. İlhan Geçit, Dr. Sedat Soyupek
13:15-13:30 NIH Lecture: Are physicians following the BPH guidelines? Dr. Ziya Kırkali
13:30-13:45 Turkish validation of LURN Dr. Meftun Çulpan
13:45-13:55 Alpha blockers Dr. Ali Atan
13:55-14:05 5ARI combination  Dr. Abdürrahim İmamoğlu
14:05-14:15 PDE5i combination Dr. Halil Lütfi Canat
14:15-14:25 Discussion  
14:25-14:55 Session 25
Chairs:  Dr. Mehmet Gülüm, Dr. Hakan Harputluoğlu
14:25-14:55 Take home messages Dr. Bahri Gök
Dr. Erdem Çubukçu
14:55-15:10 Closing Session
14:55-15:10 Closing Remarks Dr. Erdem Canda
  Abstract Session-1
Chairs: Dr. Abdullah Demirtaş, Dr. Fikret Halis
  Abstract Session-2
Chairs: Dr. Öner Odabaş, Dr. Mansur Halilov
  Abstract Session-3 (Video Abstract Session)
Chairs: Dr. Tevfik Aktöz, Dr. Murat Arslan